Wind and Wave carries a great selection of completes, decks, longboards, cruisers, surf-skates, wheels, trucks, bearings, hardware, etc. from all the top skateboarding brands.
We have Corpus Christi's largest selection of longboard skateboards. Whether you are sidewalk surfing down the sea wall, bombing hills, or simply cruising your way to class; Wind and Wave can keep you rolling. Our Longboard stock consists of boards from Sector9, Hot Buttered, and Globe.
Check out our selection of decks/completes by Alien Workshop, Element, Creature, Habitat, Chocolate, Anti-hero, Krooked, Roger, Consolidated, Flip, Baker, Dog Town, and much more!!
We stock tons of accessories such as bearings, bearing lube, unit tools, hardware, trucks, wheels, grip, slide rails, shoe-goo, etc..

Swing into the shop and check out our skate department! We also sell Globe skate shoes, Thrasher tees, and a variety of hats from your favorite skate brands!