-TUESDAY SURF REPORT 10/19/21 10:00AM-

Surf this morning is knee high. Wind is blowing 10mph+ out of the SE. Small scale surf expected through the weekend, with a bump forecasted early next week. TGSA Galveston event is ON CALL for THIS weekend. NEW shipments of Stewart and Hank Warner surfboards have arrived! With current ongoing shipping delays, now might be the best time to do your holiday shopping! Give us a shout at 361. 937. 9283, or swing in on your way to the beach!
-ALL swimwear 25-50% OFF
-NEW Old Town PEDAL SYSTEMS have arrived!
-NEW Sharpeye surfboards!
-NEW Hank Warners!
-NEW Rusty surfboards!
-NEW Stewart surfboards!
-New skate shipment! Sector 9s and Globes!
Air: 77
Sea: 79
High 2:32AM 1.64ft
Low 9:02AM 0.95ft
High 3:45PM 1.94ft
Low 10:20PM 1.34ft
First Light 7:07AM
Sunrise 7:30AM
Sunset 6:56PM
Last Light 7:20PM